Original post date – October 14th 2020

So I know I’ve been pretty awful at responding to correspondence recently, I have had a hectic few weeks and I decided to focus on things that don’t revolve around me giving much energy. I really have missed making contributions towards your happinesses, so i will be focusing on getting back to that’s as soon as possible.

Between multiple car accidents, that resulted in me taking a time out from driving, my Nanna been in hospital and general life drama, I have been OVERWHELMED. I really do hope this time hasn’t been testing yall as much as it has me. It’s almost the retrograde thank fuck. – on another note, I’ve been keeping track of my growth and I can’t wait to share some with yall. My monstera pushed out a new leaf. 💚👏🏽 ( I will be getting back to correspondence in my own time, my focus is quality within my presence)

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