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    Just some snaps… no message as I still have hundreds to respond to… – Stones from the one and only @plants.n.stones – The thoughts I did have if you care are that of internal questions for reflection; Is the trans identity simply about external identity and other peoples perceptions? Is it simply about our own… Continue reading #208
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    What’s something you’ve learnt whilst Minding Your Own Plants? – Tag your story with the hashtag #MindYourOwnPlants – Personally, whenever I think about my need to be still, I reflect on what I learnt from my caladium, it’s dormancy told me that it’s okay to take time, it’s what we do with that time that… Continue reading #207
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    Instead of wishing for things to pass, we should embrace what is and be willing to grow throughout. It may not necessarily pass but your ability to deal with it will evolve. Just some thoughts whilst I’m MIA 💚
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    Finding time, to take time, it sounds simple but sometimes we forget. – What are you doing to prioritise you time? – I decided to put down my phone, say no to everything taxing, prioritise holding my plants and found some time to dance, that’s my weekend.
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    The category is, an abundance of love, appreciation and above all homage to the one and only creator of #PLANTSnPOSES… @plantsdecoop – Travis is one of my dear friends i have valued since the day we met (the inception of this page). They taught me the importance, of sharing the person behind the plants whilst highlighting the… Continue reading #204
  • tRANSpArency
    IMAGE CREDIT – @mikaelaloach ( I value the consistency and voice you provide, thank you for inspiring me with this statment, its resonated true since I saw it) anway…. *** TO BE UPDATED UNTILL FINISHED… ( All resorces are saved on a hard back up so orgs cant dispute reserchable facts. *** Id like… Continue reading tRANSpArency
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    I once referred to self-love as a privilege, that not everybody innately has access to; that statement still holds true. We live in a society that sees self-love as a radical act of rejection, of the structures that we still continue to take part in. Self-love has been commodified by corporations and individuals that materially… Continue reading #203
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    Original post date – June 9th 2021 Text reads – [How can you be standing for the liberation of black trans individuals whilst taking checks from inherently corrupt corporate structures? We know that they have no interest in inclusion or diversity, they simply want to diversify to tick a box for inclusivity politics.] – Its… Continue reading #202
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    Original post date – June 6th 2021 In the midst of darkness may you understand that you not only haveto see the light but be the light. – Ft beloved gift from @anotherplantstory 😭 showing grace. – Value yall more than you may know.
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    Original post date – June 3rd 2021 There’s something about the way it turned out that made me want to share it, little did I know I had a story to accompany it. (CW/TW)- for those that need it.–I’d like to begin by saying, I am not a qualified professional and if you’re affected by… Continue reading #200
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    Original post date – June 2nd 2021 Don’t be like Karen, do better and be better. @barackobama said yes you can.
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    Original post date – June 2nd 2021 To many, pride is a celebration, it represents togetherness and solidarity but far too often the perception of pride is envisioned through a western exclusionary lense, that isn’t inclusive and far too often, excludes those underrepresented. Particularly here in the UK, @ukblackpride was established to celebrate those who had been… Continue reading #198
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    Original post date – June 1st 2021 When you speak who is it for? – It’s essential that when we use our voices, we ensure the discussions create an inclusive space for those who may be under represented and or excluded. – Many people remain unspoken not by physical force but by internalised oppressive tendencies;… Continue reading #197
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    Original post date – May 25th 2021 A spectator observes, not always necessarily with the best intentions, as taking a stance that may hinder them in the future isn’t favourable or beneficial to their goals. Spectators often inflate dangerous situations through instant amplification without due diligence. Spectators are not supporters. – ** Just a memo,… Continue reading #196
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    Original post date – May 23rd 2021 Some plants are gay, get over it. – GAY PLANTS;Is an assault on the order of things. We long for the day our deviant tendrils creep over your highstreets and galleries, your pubs and parliaments, your dismal laboratories. We do not desire inclusion in your systems of classification.… Continue reading #195
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    Original post date – May 20th 2021 Save the date or don’t… 28th MAY… What do I want? LAND! (Out of England) But I’m patient… until then my PayPal is in my Linktree 🙌🏽 Buy me a coffee or perhaps a 17th century non listed manor or even a Tesla… the possibilities are endless but,… Continue reading #194
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    Original post date – May 18th 2021 This world does not move without Black creativity. If you’re history and culture is not important to you, then you are not important to yourself. Your worth isn’t determined by your labour. ** that’s all 💚
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    Original post date – May 17th 2021 Monday’s are for mantras; you are love and you are loved. What’s your mantra? –Many in this plant community have curated a space, that’s accountable, self reflective, healing and is focusing on growth. – Make sure to show grace for the space you’re creating, don’t doubt your value.… Continue reading #192
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    Original post date – May 13th 2021 People, will forever continue, to covertly misguide movements, to try and advance their own political agendas. Showing “solidarity” goes beyond the facade of an external performance, its ingrained into everything you do. Ask yourself, What can you do, to be better? **#sayitwithplantsandpurpose #community #performative #selfreflection #growth #blacktranslivesalwaysmattered✊🏾#solidarity#transisbeautiful#holdthemaccountable
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    Original post date – May 11th 2021 As usual, no obligations to partake but I’m curious… IF YOU COULD DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH PATTERN, WITH A PLANT, WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE? ** Just a thought… your growth doesn’t have to adhere to a linear structure. ** My choice would be that of a caladium bulb,… Continue reading #190
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    Original post date – May 2nd 2021 My values have forever been rooted in collective growth, self liberation and black trans joy. Throughout this Panini we have all had to make sacrifices when it comes to accessing health care, seeing loved ones and accessing essential treatments; I honour the sacrifices people have made, I respect… Continue reading #189
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    Original post date – May 1st 2021 #worldnakedgardeningday ; the beauty is in what you don’t see, I’m happy with it. CONTEXT – yes I’m naked and you wouldn’t have even known, my PayPal is in my bio… JK, solicitation isn’t my goal. Happy to have seen a variety of body representation tho 👏🏽👏🏽
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    Original post date – April 30th 2021 “Slaves in the past were captured by force; today’s slaves surrender themselves. The masters are the same old folk (who are now more civilized) who would not lift a hand against a fellow human being! They have established economic systems that perpetuate their superiority so the poor are… Continue reading #187
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    Original post date – April 27th 2021 I have been eternalised, @garlicsongs I recognise your talent and value our friendship sincerely 😭💚–I obviously needed another profile image for my other page.
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    Original post date – April 26th 2021 REFLECT ON YOUR ENERGY | PROTECT YOUR ENERGY | • Inclusion is difficult to attain without self-care and collective preservation. • Inclusion is the goal but we must remember to be inclusive of our own needs. – It’s #MonsteraMonday ; I found the time to post… I thank the lord… Continue reading #185
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    Original post date – April 22nd 2021 Thoughts – The criminal injustice system upholds white superiority, It allows toxic whytness to thrive. If you believe justice can be attained from morally corrupt system, you’re confused. If you didn’t honour a life when it was been lived, make sure to keep their names out your mouth… Continue reading #184
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    Original post date – April 20th 2021 Sit down or get sat down or don’t do it.
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    Original post date – April 20th 2021 Give me some gratitude, less attitude.
  • #181
    Original post date – April 20th 2021 The propagation will not be televised, just like the revolution; it will happen behind the scenes.
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    Original post date – April 17th 2021 We’re tired of being tired; But we didn’t expect any better.
  • #179
    Original post date – April 16th 2021 If you have a YouTube channel… drop it below… and follow each other @soulfirefarm has a YouTube… yall should check it out, share and show some support.Also, you still have time to give back to the fundraiser… thanking yall and wishing you joy. 💚💚💚💚
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    Original post date – April 14th 2021 You shall live again.
  • #177
    Original post date – April 14th 2021 “The figure of the immigrant is an ideologically constructed scapegoat designed to deter poor and working class people from recognising how much they have in common” – Angela Davies
  • #176
    Original post date – April 13th 2021 Spiritual bypassing is a form of violence.
  • #175
    Original post date – April 11th 2021  Repost from a real one @screechtree | speaks volumes, FYI yes I’m on a break.
  • #174
    Original post date – April 9th 2021  Self love has been portrayed to us as an act of wellness, when really it’s an entitlement that we should all be able to access. Some people unfortunately don’t have the privilege to prioritise self love.
  • #173
    Original post date – April 7th 2021  The only thing that affirms my gender, is within me. Binary conformity is inherently exclusionary. – Mantra maybe, that’s all.
  • #172
    Original post date – March 29th 2021  That’s just exactly why I only fuck with homies, I’m a homiesexual.
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    Original post date – March 28th 2021  Equity cannot exist without equality. The recognition and redistribution of privilege is essential; In a world in which few of the 1% possess enough wealth to sustain the entire continent, equity is just a dream. If you don’t give back to non profits and communities beyond your own… Continue reading #171
  • #170
    Original post date – March 28th 2021  Capitalism is a tool that exists to uphold whyte supremacy. Not every racist wears the hat, some partake in systems that are inherently and covertly oppressive. FYI
  • #169
    Original post date – March 26th 2021  *Fundraiser time* – you know what to do. There is a reason we need to SUPPORT BLACK QUEER CREATIVES, I really need everybody to reflect on the privilege they possess, if you’re able to buy a plant you’re able to support the plant community. If you’re unable to… Continue reading #169
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    Original post date – March 26th 2021  The truth matters; Sometimes it can be complex and incomprehensible to others but that’s okay your story isn’t for everyone. Everyone has layers, your truth may not be anything like mine but accepting it within yourself and been accountable along the way is the key. I recognise that… Continue reading #168
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    Original post date – March 25th 2021 I just wanted to thank everybody sincerely for been welcoming and inclusive whilst championing for diversity within the black and brown communities, over the years living as a trans-person in society, in England has been extremely difficult people have high expectations of trans-individuals, we are often expected to… Continue reading #167
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    Original post date – March 23rd 2021 When I hear “let’s be humans together” it makes me think, it would be nice if we could all be human together but are marginalised communities treat like humans? I personally believe the majority of people treat their plants and pets better than they treat black people and… Continue reading #166
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    Original post date – March 23rd 2021 Make racists afraid again ft plants. Make a donation to @soulfirefarm and show some love and support.
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    Original post date – March 22nd 2021 Just tagged everybody in this photo who managed to pop through to my live which I did not have the opportunity to save so it’s forever lost and I’m lucky that I took a screenshot of your names. click the photo and follow each other. 💚💚🙌🏽 If I… Continue reading #164
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    Original post date – March 21st 2021 I think I’ve been shaddow banned, whoever decided to report me just remove yourself thank you (if this even posts)
  • #162
    Original post date – March 16th 2021 Black lives still matter, the wellness industry is not exempt from being complicit in harm just because you have good intentions, plants will grow on the ashes of capitalism, ACAB includes Joe and Kamala. Need I say more about who I am… nice to meet you. –#BLM #ACAB… Continue reading #162
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    Original post date – March 14th 2021 Morality, the key word.
  • #160
    Original post date – March 13th 2021 Thank you and goodnight #forthepeople #fuckthepolice #fucktheprisons #freethepeople #fightthepower
  • #159
    Original post date – March 13th 2021 Have a collage of me, I’ll probably delete it at some point but I was feeling myself last night 😂💀 @gracejonesofficial taught me how to be versatile and reminded me that femininity is not dependent on others over sexualised perceptions but on self liberation.
  • #158
    Original post date – March 12th 2021 They ask – what got you into plants? Me – (struggles to conclude) could it be the herbs 💀😂 @brownskinplantmama made a post recently that made me recall a moment, almost 6 years ago I lost my bestfriend, a proud loving inspiration who was grounded in truth and authenticity.… Continue reading #158
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    Original post date – March 12th 2021  Toxic productivity is in abundance, it’s the mindset that says that you have to fulfil certain duties or tasks in a set amount of time or in a certain place. Modern day survival depends on a sense of toxic productivity, which I don’t support our endorse. Some would… Continue reading #157
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    Original post date – March 9th 2021 This is going to start with a very cheesy with a Madea quote that resonated with me and it will finish with a short dose of appreciation. Some people are like leaves on a tree. When the wind blows, they’re over there… wind blow that way they over… Continue reading #156
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    Original post date – March 8th 2021 Like the growth on a leaf, you must start small. – Monstera Monday mantra. No monstera snaps today. A small step towards growth could be checking those that choose ignorance and the general status quo over justice for all and equal inclusion. Trans erasure happens in all communities,… Continue reading #155
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    Original post date – March 7th 2021 No plant post this week although I wanted to post for throwback Thursday, I’ll try again next week. For the people.
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    Original post date – Febuary 22nd 2021 Hey everyone, so I’ve been enjoying taking part in quite an amazing community initiative with @grindngrowchicago – inhale & stretch, The sessions aim to create a space to focus on wellness and cultivate a community. I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you all to join along in the… Continue reading #153
  • #152
    Original post date – Febuary 22nd 2021 Today marks 56 years since Malcom was assassinated, historically and still to this day our black leaders will go on to be victimised, targeted, put at risk, treat unfairly and in worse case scenarios end in a “Shituation”. Don’t come at me with your what about … It’s… Continue reading #152
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    Original post date – Febuary 21st 2021 ** probably a long post ahead** So to everyone that’s followed me consistently, you may remember last summer, a lot of yall showed up and contributed towards many different fundraisers for gender reassignment surgery for Black and brown folx, myself been one of these. i’m obviously well aware… Continue reading #151
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    Original post date – Febuary 19th 2021 To be inclusive, your principles and goals have to be consistent, Inclusion for black and brown bodies has to be something your advocate for sincerely, inclusion for the Black and brown LGBTQIA+ community is also essential, one doesn’t come without the other. My question…What are you doing to… Continue reading #150
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    Original post date – Febuary 9th 2021 I understand that you want to see more plants…guess what I want to see? More inclusion in your spaces, Currently they are dominated and overflowing with whiteness how can this be white? When there’s so much black excellence? Like really, my page is full of fabulous people who… Continue reading #149
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    Original post date – Febuary 9th 2021 This spoke to me, i’m not sure what it said but, it did speak to me. Does this say anything to you? Other than the mess 😂
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    Original post date – Febuary 9th 2021 @soulsistaplants said more plants 😂👏🏽 But really if you haven’t already check out the live on @brownskinplantmama 💚💚 I was sitting on this picture as I admired it personally, she is currently in rehab.
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    Original post date – Febuary 8th 2021 So, this could turn out to be a sad plant post, I apologise in advance. This is some of the damage, that has occurred due to negligence, I’m not going to name the shop but they stapled a plant to a moss pole. Is this really standard practice?… Continue reading #146
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    Original post date – Febuary 5th 2021 [Caption reads] – I’m curious… When you say, “I can’t wait till things get back to normal” what do you actually mean? – reply in the comments. *no obligations to respond but if you do, I’d like to thank you in advance, considering doing a live at some… Continue reading #145
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    Original post date – January 22nd 2021 Happy Friday everybody, today is the start of the weekend 🥳🙏🏽 what’s everyone getting up to? Also I saved the plant… today’s been a skincare day, so I’m pretty slow as usual. Self care is pretty lovely but there is definitely a need for collective care. Far too… Continue reading #144
  • #143
    Original post date – January 17th 2021 Context – the “baying mobs”the media refers to are individuals who seek to abolish systems that worship slave masters and allows them to profit financially no? When I see things like this in the media it scares me for the future of our black and brown youth in… Continue reading #143
  • #142
    Original post date – January 7th 2021 Text reads – [ White privilege vs white superiority… Big differences, do the work ]
  • #141
    Original post date – January 7th 2021 I keep seeing this caption “this is what white privilege looks like” – this isn’t white privilege, this is extremism with violence and unlawful behaviour been exercised. Let’s not be confused, if white privilege had a uniform appearance we would all be able to distance ourselves from it.… Continue reading #141
  • #140
    Original post date – January 4th 2021 (Image contains white text on black background.)Text reads – [ Let’s not forget that this global pandemic disproportionately affects black and brown people ]-
  • #139
    Original post date – January 2nd 2021 I wanted to share some love with the plant community I did so with a photograph, may you authentic souls, prosper and achieve greatness this year, may more institutions commit to creating inclusive spaces and offering you the opportunities you deserve. Prosperity, blessings and growth to you all,… Continue reading #139
  • #138
    Original post date – January 1st 2021 – [ So as I plan to reassess my social presentation for 2021, I thought it would be fitting to share this picture. Just a reminder that plants get knocked over, they also fall but most of the time you can help them; I find myself knocking things… Continue reading #138
  • #137
    Original post date – December 31st 2020 [ My final request for 2020, one for you performative allies. Can we leave that shit in 2020, we don’t want to see it, feel it or hear it anymore. Show solidarity through consistency. ] 👀 👌🏽
  • #136
    Original post date – December 31st 2020 FYI, I took these photos so… some may think defunding the police is a silly slogan with no validity, perhaps even dangerous, I have been told, the truth is reforming a broken system won’t work, it needs burning down and rebuilding. My intentions aren’t to promote extremist behaviour,… Continue reading #136
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    Original post date – December 29th 2020 I’m a plant with, no pot 😭😂 [-no plants were harmed in this moment of crazy-]
  • #134
    Original post date – December 28th 2020 Eeek @lightworksphotography_ thank you very kindly for my new year cuttings, the 2000’s knuckle duster cup is deffo appropriate. 💚 (also I realise this is my fist planty post in a while, I hope you’ve all been taking care and been kind to yourselves, start the New Year as we… Continue reading #134
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    Original post date – December 18th 2020 Anybody who knows me, knows I’m not all for the festivities of Christmas. I find myself looking back on previous years, this jumper was given to me a long time ago (maybe like 6 years ago or something, disassociation got me) from Mimi my soul sister. I recall… Continue reading #133
  • #132
    Original post date – December 12th 2020 I’m posting this as a reminder for self, today I passed this beauty onto a friend, who I adore, Olive 🫒 – olive has shared many tips and cuttings with me over the past few years, I thought it was only right to return the abundance of love,… Continue reading #132
  • #131
    Original post date – November 29th 2020 Calls to action often can be perceived as threatening, the fact is if you’re been offered a chance to speak your point of view and instead of using it you chose to be “threatened”, you’ve exercised your privilege through the ability to distance yourself from the facts.
  • #130
    Original post date – November 27th 2020 Have some photos from today’s hard work 🙂 slow and steady = progress 🤫
  • #129
    Original post date – November 25th 2020 Have a before picture, obviously I had done some management before I took this photo but today I got all the ground to one level Friday I’ll strim it all down and take up the weeds, progress is been made results take time. I’m optimistic, I’ve been busy… Continue reading #129
  • #128
    Original post date – November 22nd 2020 [- I’d just like to thank you all for supporting my creative space I sincerely appreciate you all, I notice I have deviated from planty posts recently I will address this 😂💚 -]
  • #127
    Original post date – November 21st 2020 I would have posted this to my story but some people, be slow… thanks to @thebrooklynbruja 💚
  • #126
    Original post date – November 15th 2020  💚
  • #125
    Original post date – November 15th 2020  #notreal
  • #124
    Original post date – November 15th 2020  Check yourself or be checked. White allyship fatigue isn’t acceptable. The support people require goes beyond uplifting a voice but it is a start. Im reminded why I joined this community, I felt although the black trans experience wasn’t been represented and social issues were been spiritually bypassed,… Continue reading #124
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    Original post date – November 14th 2020 
  • #122
    Original post date – November 14th 2020 So today is the day I decided to take on an allotment, it will be an interesting experience and I look forward to it, I also decided to trail this plant and now it’s loving life and looking full as ever. Unlike the plant I’m obviously not looking… Continue reading #122
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    Original post date – November 7th 2020 I’m very pleased with the progress of this plant, I welcome offers of more begonias… also FYI I have variegated monsteras propagating and they will be shared with the world soon, I’m planning my moves and focusing on a career shift, things take time I appreciated everyone’s patience.… Continue reading #121
  • #120
    Original post date – November 7th 2020
  • #119
    Original post date – November 6th 2020 Monstera progress, have some plant pictures.  #monstera
  • #118
    Original post date – November 6th 2020 “Sorry, I’m just not entertaining that conversation, my opinion is already known I’m not a racist” – Karen 2020
  • #117
    Original post date – November 5th 2020 To my followers in the uk – I need you to articulate yourself and speak up on the injustices before us, do I need to give statistics on police brutality, misuse of stop and search etc or are you already doing the work? This is not a post… Continue reading #117
  • #116
    Original post date – November 4th 2020
  • #115
    Original post date – November 4th 2020
  • #114
    Original post date – November 4th 2020 Watering your plants and failing to speak up for disenfranchised minorities isn’t cool, it’s not even slightly pretty.
  • #113
    Original post date – November 4th 2020 Decolonise horticulture man! Yall know people are out here acting like silent fools.
  • #112
    Original post date – November 3rd 2020 Cartoon Sasha says BREATH, 🙏🏽 yall that are trying to contribute towards positive change are good souls. The election anxieties are real but if you voted with good intentions know I bless you with peace and tranquillity in this intense moment in history. 💚 **not plant related and… Continue reading #112
  • #111
    Original post date – November 3rd 2020  This is more an art post than an update, I just liked playing with the picture.
  • #110
    Original post date – November 3rd 2020