Original post date – January 7th 2021

I keep seeing this caption “this is what white privilege looks like” – this isn’t white privilege, this is extremism with violence and unlawful behaviour been exercised.

Let’s not be confused, if white privilege had a uniform appearance we would all be able to distance ourselves from it.

The sad truth is white privilege looks like the American dream but really it’s a nightmare.

It is dangerous for us to mislabel extremism as an exercise of white privilege,

white privilege is the elephant in the room, it’s the system that’s upheld to disproportionately neglect black and brown people.

White privilege allows you as a white person to choose silence over speaking for marginalised groups.

White privilege is the influencers choosing to avoid discussions that focus on dismantling oppressive systems.

White privilege is about, and it’s been exercised, so let’s no just label the extremist behaviour as Karen in Krisis.

Please be consistent.

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