Original post date – March 26th 2021 

The truth matters;

Sometimes it can be complex and incomprehensible to others but that’s okay your story isn’t for everyone.

Everyone has layers, your truth may not be anything like mine but accepting it within yourself and been accountable along the way is the key.

I recognise that my voice is here to be a force when I say here I don’t necessarily just mean the plant community,

I mean the entire world, I am seeking the liberation of all people, not just myself.

I notice how the world has tried to force me and many who look like me into a subtle submission, using tactics straight out of a textbook, I know it’s hard at times for a lot of people but I want to preach that authenticity within self is essential.

I’ve been living in my truth for the past seven years and I love who I have grown to become.

I’m not perfect but I recognise what makes me imperfect, I own my mistakes and I check myself.

I’m no longer scared speak out about forces that manipulate others to exercise power.

I want to show people that you can be a force if you step into your truth.

I live in mine and try to teach others, why isn’t that a standard thing we all do…

Now question time – hands up if you’ve ever been victim to violence from a system that is there to protect people, because of corrupt forces or malicious individuals?


*Raises hand, throws up a 🖕🏽*

#abolishthepolice #investigatethetories
#callitwhatitwas #criminalharassment #whytesupremacy

– I’m done dropping truths I told you all when I found my voice it was over for yall.

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