Original post date – June 2nd 2021

To many, pride is a celebration, it represents togetherness and solidarity but far too often the perception of pride is envisioned through a western exclusionary lense, that isn’t inclusive and far too often, excludes those underrepresented.

Particularly here in the UK, @ukblackpride was established to celebrate those who had been overlooked.

Many generations found inspiration from influential figures that advocated for inclusion,
LGBTQIA+ movements were at the forefront of the liberation movement.

Black trans femmes, were constantly advocating despite not celebrated let alone tolerated.

Currently in the UK the LGBTQIA+ communities are under scrutiny, many are experiencing exacerbated transphobia within our communities, that needs to be addressed before we can celebrate, in a sense of pride.

Movements that claim to be inclusive of the lesbian gay bisexual community but exclusionary of trans-individuals are perpetuating toxic ideologies that are damaging to the progression of our own growth.

If we fail to acknowledge and recognise those who created the foundations which enable us to celebrate recognition, we may repeat the same mistakes, choose pride not prejudice.

** I wrote this for work, I had to use it. **

HAPPY PRIDE TO ALL, remember to be consistent all year round.

If you benefit from structures that award you privileges and you didn’t have to contribute towards the fight for them, now is the time for you to re-distribute your wealth.

That’s all.


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