Original post date – June 1st 2021

When you speak who is it for?

It’s essential that when we use our voices, we ensure the discussions create an inclusive space for those who may be under represented and or excluded.

Many people remain unspoken not by physical force but by internalised oppressive tendencies; doubting oneself is only something that occurs when one is acting out of a place, of insincerity.

Speaking for a self serving agenda, will never further community advancement, instead it will hinder it.

If what you seek is to implement effective change, you have to be a representative the change you wish to implement; oppressing voices that don’t further your own greedy agendas isn’t community building it’s a pyramid of corruption or maybe even a clique.

Minding my own plants, whilst trying to dismantle a corrupt system, wish me luck.


** words taken from a friend I hold dear. **

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