Original post date – June 3rd 2021

There’s something about the way it turned out that made me want to share it, little did I know I had a story to accompany it.

(CW/TW)- for those that need it.

I’d like to begin by saying, I am not a qualified professional and if you’re affected by issues surrounding these topics, you should probably reach out to a professional, I’m happy to try and find resources to help if needed.

So when I looked at this photo I realised it captured the essence of how I felt in the moment, I felt like I was being swallowed by nature and it was lovely.

By the time I had put the plant down to look at the photo that I had just taken, I realised that I had scars that I didn’t feel like showing on the internet, this for some reason reminded me of something I’d seen earlier in the day.

I was taking a walk ,very early on my way home, I decided to go into a coffee shop to grab a coffee (as I had my mask on and there was only one lady in the shop), tangent yes I know but I have a point.

When I was stood behind the person, waiting to be served, minding my own, I noticed the woman in front of me had a screensaver that said stop eating in large letters.

In the moment I didn’t think much of it, I just felt sad that this person was putting so much pressure on themselves but then I got my coffee and walked home.

Because I realised I wasn’t minding my own.

Anyway back to the point so I took this photo I realised that I may potentially trigger some people, I didn’t want to do that so I wanted to try and use the moment just give some advice.

Not as a professional but as someone who cares, we as people, endure so much, as a teenager are used to self harm and it’s not something I’m proud of but it’s also not something I’m going to be ashamed off.

Everybody story is different, I just want to ensure that people within this space I’m trying to cultivate here know that it’s inclusive, judgement free and we celebrate your stories here.

So yeah, I probably missed my point but pride starts with self acceptance, it’s not easy but you can be a survivor or a warrior, remember to honour the greatness within.

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