Just some snaps… no message as I still have hundreds to respond to…

Stones from the one and only @plants.n.stones

The thoughts I did have if you care are that of internal questions for reflection;

Is the trans identity simply about external identity and other peoples perceptions?

Is it simply about our own perceptions of who we are and what humanity is?

After the material is attained, what happens then, where does the community focus go?

All questions I ask myself in the AM cos Gemini.

I can’t drink coffee rn but I can drink a heavy dose of fuzk the patriarchy and capatalism, lovely way to welcome the morning.

People may tell you social media isn’t the space for community but just stay authentic, imposter syndrome be gone, your divinity isn’t binary, nor does it need to be understood by those upholding the shit…

What I told myself today, “my goal was to empower one life, I’ve empowered many, just because some want to disregard that doesn’t mean I have to disregard it myself, I need to remember who tf I am”

Conclusion, I’m still growing consistently and I praise that I’m not a stagnant void of take, take and take some more.

That’s all.

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