Just some snaps… no message as I still have hundreds to respond to… – Stones from the one and only @plants.n.stones – The thoughts I did have if you care are that of internal questions for reflection; Is the trans identity simply about external identity and other peoples perceptions? Is it simply about our own… Continue reading #208


What’s something you’ve learnt whilst Minding Your Own Plants? – Tag your story with the hashtag #MindYourOwnPlants – Personally, whenever I think about my need to be still, I reflect on what I learnt from my caladium, it’s dormancy told me that it’s okay to take time, it’s what we do with that time that… Continue reading #207


Instead of wishing for things to pass, we should embrace what is and be willing to grow throughout. It may not necessarily pass but your ability to deal with it will evolve. Just some thoughts whilst I’m MIA 💚


Finding time, to take time, it sounds simple but sometimes we forget. – What are you doing to prioritise you time? – I decided to put down my phone, say no to everything taxing, prioritise holding my plants and found some time to dance, that’s my weekend.