What’s something you’ve learnt whilst Minding Your Own Plants?

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Personally, whenever I think about my need to be still, I reflect on what I learnt from my caladium, it’s dormancy told me that it’s okay to take time, it’s what we do with that time that matters, some recharge to flourish in the future.

So yeah when I was minding my own plants, I learnt growth is different, stillness is still an act and it can prioritise resisting whilst empowering others.

I actually promised to stop sending lives to people for the next 30 days, because I found myself blocked by many, I simply say if I’m not for you that’s fine, but that doesn’t diminish the work I’m willing to do for others, you don’t have to like me for me to amplify your voice.

Whilst I wasn’t sending lives to people, I was busy making the guide, on people you’re missing out on, I have been thanked on numerous occasions for this and each time I returned the thanks, to those who truly deserve it… what I’m doing is a lot of energy but it’s truly the bare minimum and if I’m willing to step up and do it other should also.

I will truly give my heart for this community that has been curated, I ride hard for people, because I see the divinity in them that I recognise in myself.

You really don’t have to understand it but please reflect with the facts instead of your feelings.


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