Original post date – November 14th 2020

So today is the day I decided to take on an allotment, it will be an interesting experience and I look forward to it, I also decided to trail this plant and now it’s loving life and looking full as ever. Unlike the plant I’m obviously not looking full as ever, the woman who introduced me to the allotment plots misgendered me out loud, to my face, keep in mind we had an email thread… so maybe it’s not the most inclusive place ever but it’s something.

Although I’m well aware I was probably branded “the chain smoking black person with a girls name” – my point?

It’s trans remembrance week… if you haven’t taken the time to assess the gender binary structure and concluded that non conforming people exist and you choose to continue to deny their existence they will probably choose to return the ignorance.

I didn’t slap the stupidness out of her, I didn’t waste my time educating her, I simply chose to take the plot and I know I’ll outgrow the old politics of the outdated committee.

JUST SAYINGmindyourownplants** I shared this for my own reference and also just to remind yall to do something!1 likeReply

lydiawinter_What allotment site are you at Sasha? All the committees seem to be made up of old, white, conservative people who care more about their vegetables than other human beings… But having an allotment is super rewarding and yes, we’ll be there to take their places. Good luck to you! 💚

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