Original post date – Febuary 21st 2021

** probably a long post ahead**

So to everyone that’s followed me consistently, you may remember last summer, a lot of yall showed up and contributed towards many different fundraisers for gender reassignment surgery for Black and brown folx, myself been one of these.

i’m obviously well aware that we are currently in a panoramic so not everybody is in a financially stable situation, or even able to dream of contributing towards things like this right now.

i’d like to stress the importance of Q’s fundraiser, due to issues with their family, this fundraiser has had to remain anonymous as you may know to my knowledge we have had a few anonymous fundraisers in our community. It’s not necessarily a practice I agree with but for the safety and protection of the individual it is essential and paramount that it’s treat with anonymity.

So on that note I just like to take a moment to share my praises towards this individual who has continued to hold people accountable whilst creating safe spaces for other trans poc, the contributions this person make towards the upliftment of others, in my opinion is commendable and I hold this person dear, obviously I’ll probably have to shut up so this person can keep that anonymity. But they’re awesome.

** if you are a person of colour it is not your responsibility or duty to contribute towards black and brown fundraisers if you choose to do so, that’s completely up to you but it’s discouraged by me as we’re not necessarily in a privileged position**

also this is not a guilt trip for non-black people into giving your money if you choose to just share this that is enough literally.

that’s me done not well articulated but I got to the point, if you remember last summer you know how this works, love and blessings everyone 💚🙏🏽

Oh I put the link in my bio, if you considered giving me anything pass it Q’s way, I am able to afford to eat and live comfortably right now thank fuck yall are appreciated 😭👏🏽

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