Original post date – December 18th 2020

Anybody who knows me, knows I’m not all for the festivities of Christmas. I find myself looking back on previous years, this jumper was given to me a long time ago (maybe like 6 years ago or something, disassociation got me) from Mimi my soul sister.

I recall her enthusiasm towards the togetherness she would like to create, despite everything, I recall standing in a shop in Manchester and her saying “I’ll get you this as a Christmas gift because we know you love minions” and now as a grown adult I’m allowing myself the time to sit and feel the love she projected.

I still don’t like Christmas all that much but having something to comfort me through the tough times is a blessing that I’ll treasure forever. I allow myself to be still and honour memories shared. Every day I miss you but Christmas time hits hard. Thank you Mimi for been an authentic kind and passionate soul. Love always. (Just sharing because I can)

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