Original post date – May 2nd 2021

My values have forever been rooted in collective growth, self liberation and black trans joy.

Throughout this Panini we have all had to make sacrifices when it comes to accessing health care, seeing loved ones and accessing essential treatments; I honour the sacrifices people have made, I respect those souls departed as a result of the medical crisis we have all faced internationally.

I do unfortunately feel like there is not enough discussion surrounding access within marginalised communities, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the vaccine particularly in black and brown communities; which continue to be overlooked daily.

May we also remember, the pandemic isn’t over just because countries motivated by financial gains, say it is, i’m looking on all of those taking part in capitalism to be doing their part to ensure the safety of wider communities, allow their to speak louder than their words.

I see a lot of people floating the privilege of access, we must not forget that vaccine access inherently creates inequalities.


I created this platform for joy with the goal of creating a community that can uplift and empower others, I’d like to prioritise that without being tone policed by a society that would like me to be more palpable and present myself in a certain way.

If you don’t honour and respect the insights that I share here kindly ask you to fuck yourself, with a cactus.

So yeah if you’re not having conversations that are constructive don’t be offended if I don’t take part, self reflection and accountability matters.

– S x

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