Original post date – March 23rd 2021

When I hear “let’s be humans together” it makes me think, it would be nice if we could all be human together but are marginalised communities treat like humans?

I personally believe the majority of people treat their plants and pets better than they treat black people and other marginalised communities.

There is a serious issue within the wellness space it aims to create unity whilst recognising the differences but if you truly recognise the differences would unity be what you are seeking?

In an ideal world we could all be human together but it’s not an ideal world and until we can celebrate peoples differences the idea of being human together is just that an idea a nice one but not a practical one.

Far too often marginalised communities are left to speak for themselves the representation often excludes them, myself identifying as a trans-black individual puts me in this disposition it’s highly likely that the people who speak for me will not look like me and will even struggle to understand my lived experiences.

I realise it’s my job to share to try and make a difference but honestly I’m tired I think as a collective tired we’ve been left in a situation where we have to be the change would like to see in the world and that can come with a lot of pressure, it doesn’t look at ability.

The system assumes it’s one size fits all if you ever bought that hat you know it’s untrue, everybody is different some people don’t like humans and some people aren’t even treat like humans, so for me to say I wish we could all be human together in my opinion is bullshit, we can’t be human together, until we can be human independently.

To be human independently means one would have fair access, when wouldn’t be subjected to racial attacks, the list is truly endless.

So yeah I don’t know how I feel about this statement I’m trying to process it and share something productive with the world but I ask do you wish we could all be human together?

Am I trippin?

My grandad taught me this a long time ago – “whyte people value pets lives more than they will ever value ours, that’s the harsh reality”

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