Original post date – Febuary 9th 2021

I understand that you want to see more plants…guess what I want to see?

More inclusion in your spaces,

Currently they are dominated and overflowing with whiteness how can this be white?

When there’s so much black excellence?

Like really, my page is full of fabulous people who post plant content.

So here’s a plant, guess what it is?

It’s a Zz plant – that means stop sleeping on such talent 😴

Check out – @blackgirlrooted @thechocolatebotanist @brownskinplantmama @botanistbee @djfreedem @blackinthegarden @brotherearthh @theblackplanter @sovereignearth.cares @junglecae @kendra_urbanjungle_kween @monsteramaven @planterrob

The list could go on, we all know, STOP SLEEPING ON TALENT.

– Sasha, done, thank you and goodnight.

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