Original post date – January 22nd 2021

Happy Friday everybody, today is the start of the weekend 🥳🙏🏽 what’s everyone getting up to?

Also I saved the plant… today’s been a skincare day, so I’m pretty slow as usual.

Self care is pretty lovely but there is definitely a need for collective care.

Far too often we take care of ourselves and that is all nice and well but do we share our self care with others?

My self care has been pretty simple, I put my phone down, danced, repotted some plants, broke some pots, listened to some podcasts from @blackinthegarden@ajabarber, watched Malcolm in the middle, burned some incense and put myself first, but now I’m online again I’ll be doing the usual, annoying yall with calls for collective care, let’s moisturise our souls together 👏🏽

So my two questions are, what you getting up to this weekend? And what’s you like to do for self care?


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