Original post date – May 17th 2021

Monday’s are for mantras; you are love and you are loved.

What’s your mantra?

Many in this plant community have curated a space, that’s accountable, self reflective, healing and is focusing on growth.

Make sure to show grace for the space you’re creating, don’t doubt your value.

** going west** – A lot has been going on over the past few weeks and I have been processing it and will continue to do so, right now I feel like amplification of those voices that have been overlooked and continue to be overlooked, is the priority and me having a reaction to every single thing taking place, is not essential right now.

just because I don’t call it bullshit doesn’t mean it isn’t.
Showing gratitude for all of the people, that I appreciate.

#monsteramondayisformotivation #motivation #selfworth

#mindset #sayitwithplantsandpurpose #appreciation

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