Original post date – March 12th 2021

They ask – what got you into plants?

Me – (struggles to conclude) could it be the herbs 💀😂

@brownskinplantmama made a post recently that made me recall a moment, almost 6 years ago I lost my bestfriend, a proud loving inspiration who was grounded in truth and authenticity.

My Mimi like really soul sista, anyway I recall the funeral quite vividly and it’s what stared my journey of writing and self rediscovery, I was overwhelmed with grief but been the strong person I have to be I didn’t really allow myself grief in the moment, it’s a lesson I’m learning, it was the first muslim funeral I attended, there were discussions about where a trans person should be, the family were inclusive and allowed me be me.

Anyway you’ll hear about this one day, my point is that day almost 6 years ago something transformational happened to me, I couldn’t hold the tears in, I ended up sat next to a tree for a hour or so but I saw the earth, I felt a connection to everything, I blocked it out for such a long time because people didn’t understand, now I do, what I saw on that day was life, love and energy.

Plant therapy is real there’s no denying it.

Anyway my post is over, just thought it was due, next Wednesday will be her birthday.

She taught me to love her by loving others, so you’ve got this soul to thank for me been a people person.

My Princess

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