Original post date – March 12th 2021 

Toxic productivity is in abundance, it’s the mindset that says that you have to fulfil certain duties or tasks in a set amount of time or in a certain place.

Modern day survival depends on a sense of toxic productivity, which I don’t support our endorse.

Some would say when faced with an overwhelming amount, it would be time to reflect and take a pause, my point is to address toxic productivity one would be best to reflect on the surroundings and circumstances that allow it to thrive and then cut off, like a propagation, speaking of, I propagated my Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma.

Just a little food for thought, nothing too deep.

Princess planter by the one and only @kendra_urbanjungle_kween.

[Anyone who read this far thank you please reflect on the status quo you uphold.]

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