I once referred to self-love as a privilege, that not everybody innately has access to; that statement still holds true.

We live in a society that sees self-love as a radical act of rejection, of the structures that we still continue to take part in.

Self-love has been commodified by corporations and individuals that materially and financially benefit from others lacking the ability to show themselves love.

But fear not, you will be told, self-love is accessible, in abundance and your birthright, it’s not a privilege, it’s just your fault that you haven’t connected in the right way.

It’s clear that self-love is subjective to one’s understanding, it can only exist once we understand what it means.

I simply ask, is self-love solely about self gratification and individual experience?

“You never completely have your rights, one person, until you all have your rights.” – Marsha P. Johnson

I know what self-love means to me, it starts with collective love and that encompasses, accountability, collective responsibility, empathy and many other basic acts of kindness, that many unfortunately lack.

No I will not explain the nuances that you can’t see because you lack the intersectional identity, trans people continue to be erased, by cis people, that simply can’t recognise the privileges they have access to.

One last thing, if you harm my existence as a black trans femme or anyone’s for that matter, I will not hesitate to publicly drag you, the days of calling people in are over, I will call you out, in my sweet time.

Harm is been perpetuated by all skin folx, gone are the days of calling out YTness alone, I’m calling out all of the bullshit, the spiritual bypassing, material obsession, toxic masculinity and anti-trans-rhetoric, there is so much to discuss and I’m underpaid undervalued and underrepresented.

#sayitwithyourchest #blacktransfemmesmatter #sayitwithplantsandpurpose

Alexa, play no role modelz, J Cole.

Plant from @anotherplantstory
Pot inspired by @plants.n.stones

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