Original post date – July 30th 2020

@plants.and.dee asked what I’m up to… I’m getting ready to write project proposal whilst waiting for my bike to be repaired also decided to take cuttings from my mother methuselah (albo) debating putting this one up for sale to raise some dolla for my fundraiser what yall think? Also a little slow with replying got deadlines,but I’m caught up with much needed sleep, I’m taking it slower and been kind to my body and focusing on making a wider platform those doing active things to uplift the wellbeing of the community’s, black pound day needs to be everyday.

Tag your favourite pages be it creatives/organisations no limit. If you recognise those doing good add them, and support them, simple. I tag, also remember to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to be productive in non physical ways, 💚@plantsdecoop@botanical.highlander@kendra_urbanjungle_kween

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